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PeaZip, free archiver utility, Open Source WinRar / WinZip alternative for Windows and Linux.
Compress to 7Z, ARC, BZ2, GZip, PAQ, PEA, self-extracting archives, TAR, WIM, XZ, ZIP files.
Open 150+ file types, including ACE, CAB, DMG, ISO, RAR, UDF, ZIPX format.
Extract, create and convert archives, split / join files, strong encryption, encrypted password manager, secure delete, find duplicate files, compute hash, export job definition as script to automate backup / restore.

file compression and encryption tool
free zip files extraction

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Release notes

Release 5

Previous releases

Release notes

PeaZip 5.7.2 comes with 7z 15.06 (9.38.1 on Linux), and can now extract new RAR5 format either using 7z backend (default) or using UNRAR5 plugin based on RarLab's implementation, available both for Windows and Linux.
The application was compiled with updated math/crypto libraries, using Lazarus 1.4.0 IDE, supports creation of split self-extracting archives, and provides updated bredcrumb bar displaying in-archive paths for easier browsing.
Windows installer was built with InnoSetup 5.5.6 unicode version, and updated to improve integration with Windows 10 and 8.1 systems.

183 file extensions are now supported.

Translations are available in over 30 languages, any help is welcome to translate PeaZip to new languages and to maintain current localizations up to date, so please consider taking the time to give a look to translations directory for newer language files and for any resource useful for translators.

Release 5 2013 06 23 .. current

2015 08 30
Updated to 7z 15.06 (Windows)
Users can chose to extract RAR5 files alternatively using 7z (default) or RarLab's unrar plugin, setting "7z/p7zip UNRAR5" switch in Options > General

Improved file/archive browser sorting

Fixed bug not removing PeaZip group entry on uninstall (affected 32 bit version, W7+ only)

2015 08 16
Breadcrumb can display in-archive paths for quick browsing

Added option to customize timestamp style (Options > Settings > Archive Manager)
Added option to split self extracting archives in 7z format
split sfx archives will result in a small extraction executable, and n volumes of desired size
spanning sfx archive allows to prevent the resulting archive being larger of the maximum executable size allowed for the target OS
to extract a split sfx archive, place extraction executable and all volumes in the same directory
extraction executable will start pre-set extraction procedure without need of external software
alternatively, volume with .001 extension can be opened with an external archiver to browse/extract the entire archive
Updated file split pre-sets
added 25 GB Blu-Ray pre-set size
custom pre-set size modified in 100 MB
assumed lower, more fail-safe pre-set maximum size values for disk formats, to improve compatibility with most supports

Updated to Innosetup 5.5.6, switched to unicode installer, improved Windows 10 / 8.1 support

2015 07 22
(Linux) Added read only support (list, test, extract) to RAR5 format through RarLab-based unrar-nonfree; due the non-OSI compatible unrar restriction the software is available as separate plugin on Add-Ons page of PeaZip website
(Linux) Updated p7zip backend to 9.38.1 beta
(Windows) Updated 7z backend to 15.05 beta

Updated IDE to Lazarus 1.4.0
Updated libraries: crc_hash_2014-08-25, util_2015-05-04
Various fixes and updates

Improved management of plug-ins
In About screen, missing and installed plugin are repported, and it is shown a link for checking plugin and addon online
When opening an archive format (ACE, RARv5) requiring a plugin, user is informed if the plugin is missing, and how to download it
Information popup is limited to one per plugin type per session

2015 06 14
Added read only support (list, test, extract) to RAR5 format through RarLab's unrar
currently the plugin is available only for Windows or Wine/ReactOS, Linux version will be analyzed and tested for future updates
due the non-OSI compatible unrar restriction (even if the software provides sources and is royalty-free) the software is available as separate plugin on Add-Ons page
due the different syntax between RarLab's unrar and 7z/p7zip's unrar, following differences apply when handling RAR5 format
recursivity with advanced filters is always enabled
renaming options always rename the file being extracted

Added LIBRE_DIRECTIVE option to disallow any call to software which is non-free under OSI definition
if set to 0 (permissive) PeaZip will use all available backend, both free-as-in-freedom and royalty-free
if set to 1 (flexible) PeaZip will disallow any call to royalty-free but non free-as-in-freedom backend, currently: unace and unrar binaries
if set to 2 (strict) PeaZip will disallow calls even in case of dubious status, currently apply to unrar functions in 7z/p7zip due to non-reversibility clause
Various minor fixes

2015 04 26
Added full read/write support to BCM file compressor
Updated to ZPAQ 7.05
improved support, now it is possible to add content to existing zpaq archive

Archive selection dialogs improved with custom filters for common archive types
File submenu improved with direct links to update, convert and extract archives
new hotkeys: Shift+F5 add selected to archive, Ctrl+F5 extract selected, Alt+F5 extract archive (opens archive selection dialog)
Tray icon menu improved with direct links to update, convert and extract archives
Improved dialog for setting custom applications and scripts, moved in Options
Fixed custom applications not found in some cases on Win64 systems
both 32 and 64 bit program paths are scanned, 64 bit version have the priority
Improved Help and About screens
F4 now shows navigation menu, jump to archive/computer root moved to Ctrl+Shift+F4
Alt+0 toggle application's tool bar
Various improvements and fixes

PeaExtractor 1.1 code merged in pealauncher component
Created default location to save archive layout files
Non-verbose mode for archive conversion (default option)

182 file extensions supported
added full read/write support to BCM compression format

2015 01 18
(Windows) Updated to 7z 9.38 beta

Improved application's context menu and navigation menu
Improved address breadcrumb: separator icons can now be clicked to display directories in the selected node
Various fixes

2014 12 23
(Windows) Updated to 7z 9.35 beta
LZMA2 is the new default algorithms for .7z format
defaults updated accordingly new reference settings for 7z
new 7z version drops support for Windows 9.x, which remains supported by PeaZip 5.5.1 and previous

(Windows) Improved on demand scanning integration, up to 8 concurrent antivirus / antimalware, both in-archive (compressed files) and in filesystem
Added support for Avast Pro / Internet Security, ClamWin, Comodo Cleaning Essentials, ESET NOD32 / Smart Security

Added hint overlays on extraction and archiving screens, overlays are replaced by standard popup hints when clicked, and when some input files are already selected

2014 12 09
(Windows) Added support for scanning with Windows Defender
Information column, when browsing files, shows a note about file types which can be handled through PeaZip
'+' known archive file type, open with double click
'.' known file type usually not handled as archive, open with context menu "Open as archive" (i.e. MS Office files)
Improved links to online resources

While operating, Pause button is highlighted instead of Stop by default, to prevent unaware click canceling running tasks
Fixed extraction to new folder from application's drag and drop context menu

New installation mode: "Update only" install new program's files and keeps existing system integration unchanged (file association, context menu, send to menu)
Installer shows link to Help and FAQ pages
ISO files are not associated to PeaZip by default, to avoid overriding system's defaults unless explicitly requested by user
Configure system integration tool starts Custom installation mode by default, to prompt user all options

181 file extensions supported, added support for Microsoft's .mlc Language Interface Pack and .mui Multilingual User Interface

2014 10 19
PeaZip Additional Format Plugin 2, now containing also quad and balz binaries

Image manager
Added 4K and 8K formats pre-sets in fit image to resolution
Added JPEG quality 90, 75 and 50 to Image manager pre-set context menu entries
Added TIFF, PPM, and XPM formats as image conversion options
Added to context menu (in Image manager group) common pre-set entries for resize, fit, and convert operations
New advanced rename functions (context menu): uppercase, lowercase, add string at fixed position, delete n chars at fixed position, replace/remove string (optionally case sensitive), change file extension
New file rename dropdown menu also featured in File management tool bar
New advanced selection features
Starting with same character (optionally case sensitive) of selected object
Size similar to selected object; size smaller/larger than
Date similar to selected object; current hour, day, week, month, year
Advanced selection dialog Select..., features add/subtract to current selection, available in toolbar, address bar (search group) and context menu
New Copy path feature: copy current path or selected items paths as UTF8 string for any use
Various fixes

Added "Halt system after task completion" flag in Advanced compression/extraction options tab
Added option to remove single intermediate directory upon Extract to new folder operation in Options > Settings > Archive management
New task options dropdown menu in the button on the left of "Cancel", showing thread priority option and "Cancel all"
"Cancel" notification no longer trigger additional message box
New "Cancel all" function stop the sequence of following tasks

179 file extensions supported
Added support for .xzm Porteus Linux packages

 2014 08 13
New design update
New Tabs area for easier use of options screens
Improved Layout context menu in Crete/Extract screens
Path submenu in context menu for exploring bookmarked/recent paths so files/folders can be dragged to the application
Advanced submenu grouping layout/task management entries
Scan actions and Hexadecimal preview are now featured also in Test button dropdown menu
Various improvements and fixes

Improved information during multiple extraction and archiving tasks
Quicker access to last used directory in Output path menu

2014 07 08
ZPAQ backend updated to 6.54

New UI design
Tabs replaced by new option menu button on the bottom left corner of the form on Add, Extract, Password, Password Manager, and PeaLauncher
Tabs replaced by new side tab bar for unified Settings/Theme screen
Improved archive manager tool bar, with visible dropdown menus for quick access to archiving and test functions
Improved and simplified various menus
New navigation (bookmarks, filesystem, history, and functions) menu set as primary address bar's navigation menu
New "functions" menu mode, providing quick launcher for most used functions and A-Z functions list submenu, replaces functions button
Improved breadcrumb menu, set as secondary navigation menu (alternate navigation menu, navigation bar context menu...) replacing older menus
Improved "Open" branch in navigation bar merging Functions and Application groups
Added "most used", "last visited" and "date added" information stats to bookmarks, can be used for sorting bookmarks
Unified "Save history data" (Options > Settings) checkbox controls saving list of last accessed archives, paths, searches, and bookmarks/history stats
Updated pre-set web search and cloud services
Yandex Disk and Sharepoint are now added by default to known cloud paths
Various minor fixes and improvements

Implemented flags to remove 1) original archive(s) after extraction 2) original files after archival
Always asks for confirmation during interactive tasks
Can be saved/scheduled to scripts
Apply (and remember) favorite deletion mode: recycle bin, quick delete, zeroing, secure delete

2014 05 04
Various fixes
Improved handling of double file extension when creating archives
Updated translations and Windows' context menu localization scripts

2014 04 13
[Windows] Updated to FreeArc 0.67 alpha

Compiled with Lazarus 1.2.0

[W7+] Added localization for cascaded system's context menu entries
[Windows, installable] Options > Settings > Reset now also asks if the user wants to reset system integration
Bookmarks can now be sorted by name
File browser (details mode) shows icons for special paths
Find duplicate files and checksum/hash automatically switches browser to list mode to display results
Multi threading option is remembered
Navigation bar "+" button switches between navigation view and tree view
Improved treeview sidebar, showing icons for folders, disks and special paths
Function list moved to popup menu from button on the left of status bar
New multi-functional popup menu on the left of address bar, toggle between bookmarks, filesystem and history
Session history available as status bar view
Updated "Seven" theme
Various minor fixes and enhancements

Console field content is now automatically valorized when Console tab is accessed
Enumerate folder content option is now set as a switch in archive creation screen
Improved inclusion filters for archive creation
"Include only" apply inclusion filter to input directories (files individually added are always archived)
"Include also" allows to freely specify extra items/filters to be archived (works as inclusion filter worked in previous versions)
inclusion and exclusion lists accepts drag and drop of items from system
New Info mode for synthetic information about archive, old Info mode remapped to "List (with details)"
New Compression profiles list, automating settings for most common compression task (i.e. best compression, fast compression, protect with password, self extracting, keep output under specified size...)
the list is available in favourite formats dropdown menu, in Add button context menu (browser) and from arrow button on the left of OK (compression screen)
New task progress bar identifies tasks that are paused (yellow) or ended in error (red)

Recompiled with Qt bindings V2.5, compatible with Qt from 4.5 to 4.8

2014 02 25
Added preconfigured support for OneDrive path, when applicable
Improved help system and updated documentation
F1 points to translated tutorial (if available in selected language) featuring links to online resources and local help file
Alt+F1 points to local help file (English, .pdf format)
Shift+F1 points to online Support page, which features multilingual manuals, contacts etc
Ctrl+F1 points to online FAQ page, which features question & answer type guide to common topics
Existing language files were updated to include correct links to online resources and documentation
Open with associated application: changed behavior, now open using standard system's file association, while doubleclick checks internal extended file association with uncommon formats with PeaZip before
Standalone simplified GUI linked from main menu, Tools:
PeaExtractor minimal GUI for extraction of single archives
PeaUtils minimal GUI (new) for interactive use of file management features (hash, secure delete, etc)
Various minor fixes and visual updates.

2013 12 26
Improved secure file delete and secure free space delete
All modes with n>=4 iterations now uses overwrite with all 0 and overwrite with al 1 (FF byte) for the two first iterations (followed by n-2 iteration overwriting with random data), faster and more secure due to most recommendations for secure deletion protocols, as USAF System Security Instruction 5020, Schneier's Algorithm, Communications Security Establishment Canada ITSG-06, British HMG Infosec Standard 5 Enhanced Standard
Updated Tracker link, and improved links to online resources

Installer built with new InnoSetup 5.5.4

2013 11 25
UPX 3.91

(Windows Vista and newer) Improved UAC integration for archiving and extraction functions
Improved file deletion modes
Added very_fast mode (single pass random data) to Secure delete
Fast mode (two pass random data) is now default mode for secure delete
Added Zero delete, deletion mode overwriting existing file with all 0
(Windows) Introduced free space deletion modes
Added Secure delete free space, overwriting with random data multiple times (same as secure file delete)
Added Zero delete free space, overwriting with all 0 to improve compressibility of filesystem (i.e. disk image backup, virtual machine optimization)
Re-introduced local help file for offline support
Various fixes and improvements
(Linux) fixed using output path as working directory

"Extract all to" starts from input folder (or default extraction path, if set)
Implemented extract/archive to original input folder: multiple input files from different paths can be extracted/archived each in its own path in a single pass

177 file extensions supported
Added support for .msu (Microsoft update) and .mpp (Microsoft Project file)

2013 10 06
Recompiled with Lazarus 1.0.12

Added default directory as recognized cloud storage
Keyboard shortcuts
Backspace keyboard shortcut correctly mapped in order to allw backspace use for editing text strings
Ctrl+Z/O/W changed to Shift+Ctrl+Z/O/W to avoid opening by mistake multiple instances to open selected objects
Fixed: title sting correctly applied when returning from extraction screen using "extract all" switch
Various minor fixes and improvements

2013 09 01
Package naming convention changed to fixed mayor.minor.revision format in order to always have 5 byte size for version string

(Microsoft Windows Vista and more recent) Added Schedule tab integrated with system Task Scheduler for ease of creating scheduled archiving/extraction (i.e. backup/restore) scripts from a single place
Improved bookmarks: when all bookmarks are deleted from application, bookmark list stays empty; when bookmarks are deleted by application reset or deleting bookmarks file, default bookmarks are listed
Various fixes

Added support for .ipsw iOS devices firmware packages, 175 file extensions are now supported

Added "Check for updates link" in installer and system integration wizard

2013 07 21
Compiled with Lazarus 1.0.10
Windows installer compiled with InnoSetup 5.5.3

Added file name information in non readable archive dialog
Fixed special folders (desktop, root etc) are now translated in localization language
Fixed some untranslated strings
Fixed disabling unused keyboard shortcut in each context
Fixed don't show file browser's hint if application is not in foreground
(MS Windows installer, Vista and more recent) added option to reset current configuration during installation process
Various minor fixes and improvements

2013 06 23
PEA 0.44
UPX 3.09

Code cleanup

Bookmarks branch in navigation tree moved on first position, starts by default maximized and containing common useful locations
Improved breadcrumb context menu, unified with refresh menu
 features history menu
 features entries to open in specified path the system's file explorer, command prompt, new instance of PeaZip, properties, and web search
 features quick access to relevat filesystem paths (same as "Filesystem" menu top level)
Improved tasks wrapper (gwrap) for readability and clarity, explore input and output paths is now featured
Improved Settings: reorganized and simplified
Improved speed of adding items to archiving operations: by default directories' content is enumerated only on request (in layout's context menu)
Improved tool bars, added New folder button in file manager bar and Rename in image manager
Improved web search function for quick access to most relevant web resources
New history menu containing recently visited pats and archives, session history and breadcrumb of current path (also in archive/extraction interface)
System tools deduplicated and moved to context menu, always accessible, more tools available
 (Windows Vista and more recent) Added "Open PowerShell here" function
Various fixes and improvements, including
 (Windows) Added quick links to user's music, pictures, and videos folders in browsing, and archiving/extraction interfaces
 (Windows) Free disk space and % displayed in standard status bar and in archiveing/axtraction interfaces
 (Windows) Improved adding multiple items from context menu functions
 Added support for displaying thumbnails of xpm, and pgm images
 Improved accessibility to various functions like bookmarks, web search, show thumbnails, open new instance, explore path...
 Uniformed various menus and submenus so same groups of functions are easier to find at first sight

Fixed: extract to new folder now ignored in drag and drop operations consistently to how most file archivers work
Sizes of single input itmes in readable form

174 file extensions supported
added support to .crx Google Chrome extension, .maff Mozilla archive format, .mdf Alcohol 120 image files, and OPC files .cddx and .appv (Microsoft Application Virtualization)

Previous releases

Release 4 2011 09 19 .. 2013 04 24

Release 3 2010 02 10 .. 2011 08 27

Release 2 2008 03 21 .. 2010 01 26

Release 1 2006 11 06 .. 2008 03 15

Release 0 2006 09 16 .. 2006 10 02

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