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PeaZip is a free cross-platform file archiver utility that provides an unified portable GUI for open source software technologies like 7-Zip, FreeArc, PAQ, UPX, and represents a freeware alternative to utilities as WinRar and WinZip.
Create 7Z, ARC, BZ2, GZ, *PAQ, PEA, QUAD/BALZ, TAR, UPX, WIM, XZ, ZIP files
Open and extract 180+ archive types: ACE, ARJ, CAB, DMG, ISO, LHA, RAR, UDF, ZIPX files and more...
Features of PeaZip includes compress, convert and extract multiple archives at once, create self-extracting archives, split/join files, strong encryption with optional two factor authentication, encrypted password manager, secure delete, find duplicate files, compute checksum/hash values, export task definition as script.

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How to open, list, browse, and search archives


open 7z rar tar zip files

Explore, filter and select content of 7Z RAR ZIP archives

Open a supported archive format in PeaZip archive explorer

If the file extension is associated with the application, it is only needed to double click the file to open it in PeaZip's archive explorer to inspect its content - i.e. to check if the data matches to the expected content, or to browse to a specific archive sub-path to selectively extract specific content.

File association is set by default, from the Windows installer, for most common archive types (7Z, ACE, RAR, TAR, ZIP, ZIPX...), but PeaZip provides read support - open, browse, and extract - for over 180 archive formats, compressed files, or data containers, including: 7z, apk, bz2, gz, tar, zip, zipx, arj, cab, chm, cpio, deb, lzh, lha, rar, rpm, z, iso, Java (jar, ear, war), xpi, wim, u3p, lzma, udf, dmg, swm, Open Office / Libre Office (ods, ots, odm, oth, oxt, odb, odf, odg, otg, odp, otp, odt, ott), Microsoft Office (doc, dot, xls, xlt, ppt, pps, pot, docx, dotx, xlsx, xltx), Flash (swf, flv), quad, balz, bcm, zpaq, paq*, lpaq*, ace, arc, pea and more...

To open a spanned (split) archives it is recommended to save all the parts (i.e. files with .001, .002, etc extensions) in the same directory, and to open the first part - the one usually having extension .001, .R01, Z01 - this allows to read and navigate the split archive content as for non-spanned archives.

Open unsupported extensions with PeaZip

PeaZip can also manage and explore many not explicitly supported formats, as many container format being variations of other archive formats - frequently, package formats have structures similar to or derived from ZIP standard, which is under public domain.
To attempt opening a file with unknown, non supported, extension, rightclick the file and select "Open as archive" from PeaZip's group in system context menu.
This action is available for any file type, and will try to open and list arbitrary unsupported format as it was a supported archive type.
Same function is available in PeaZip application's context menu: when browsing the filesystem a unknown file type can be selected and attempted to be opened and explored as it was a know archive type.

Browse and search archive content

PeaZip file/archive manager can navigate and search archive content the same way it does for the filesystem: address bar provides back, forward, up navigation button, breadcrumb provides shortcuts to explore parent nodes (both in the filesystem and inside the archive) and jump to directories in each node, and navigation sidepanel (on the left) shows archive directory tree allowing quick inspection of archive's content.

Pressing F6 toggles on/off flat mode view, showing all the content of the archive at once.

Clicking on magnifying glass icon on the right of address bar or pressing F3 provides in-archive search popup, to find files, folders or extensions inside archives - optionally recursive (search in subfolders) or non-recursive.

Tools > Use advanced filters (Shift+Ctlr+F9) allows to apply multiple inclusion and exclusion filters to content to be displayed (also apply to archive/extraction operations).

Typing in address bar filters displayed results showing only items matching the typed string, helping to reduce on-screen results.

To further refine selection of files and folders to work with, "Select..." from search context menu (clicking magnifying glass icon on the right of address bar) provides advanced selection features: by newer or older date, by smaller or larger size, by same initial, by same extension, etc.

Once the intended content is reached, or found, several actions are possible:
  • double click a file inside the archive to preview it, the file is transparently extracted to a temporary folder and opened with associated application
  • drag&drop items from the archive to the system to extract them, or red more to use other selective extraction features
  • add or remove data from existing archive or update files already in archive applying specific rules

List/test archive content, and save report to file

Once archive is opened, or expanded to flat view, or browsed to desired content, or filtered to show relevant search results (depending on user's needs) you can save to Unicode text file what is displayed in PeaZip's archive explorer, rightclick on file browser's column header and select "Save to TXT" entry - same function is available in application's context menu Navigation > Save as TXT.

In application's tool bar (and context menu, More submenu) it is featured Test button, performing a thorough test of integrity of archive's content and find problems preventing correct extraction of the content.
"List" and "List (with details)" are featured in Test button dropdown menu, creating a list of archive's content, all these functions shows "Save task log" allowing to export result of the analysis to Unicode text file.
List with details function shows one line for each known property of each item in archive's table of content (size, comprtessed size, date/time, compression and encryption algorithms, etc), while List create a classic "dir" or "ls" -like list with archive's TOC, one item per line.


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