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PeaZip, free archiver utility, Open Source WinRar / WinZip alternative for Windows and Linux.
Compress to 7Z, ARC, BZ2, GZip, PAQ, PEA, self-extracting archives, TAR, WIM, XZ, ZIP files.
Open 150+ file types, including ACE, CAB, DMG, ISO, RAR, UDF, ZIPX format.
Extract, create and convert archives, split / join files, strong encryption, encrypted password manager, secure delete, find duplicate files, compute hash, export job definition as script to automate backup / restore.

free rar file opener and extractor
free rar files extractor

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extract ace archives

Add-ons | UnAce plugin, *PAQ, sfx modules

UnAce Plugin | Additional Formats Plugin 2


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Resources directory | Translations directory

UnAce Plugin

UnAce plugin handles browsing and extraction of WinAce's ACE file format and it is needed to open ACE archives in PeaZip.
This package is meant to provide free ACE files support as separate plugin since UNACE is released by WinACE as royalty free, but closed source, freeware binaries.
Note for Linux users: UNACE is a 32 bit executable, so on Linux 64 bit systems it requires ia32-libs to extract ACE files.

UnAce for PeaZip installable
Automatically installs the ACE extractor plugin; can be installed/unistalled separately from PeaZip
unaceInstaller for Windows (all)

extract ace filesInstaller for Windows 64 bit

unace linuxInstaller for Linux DEB | RPM | TGZ
extract ace files
UnAce for any PeaZip package
To be extracted by hand in peazip/res/ path, so that binaries in the package goes in peazip/res/unace/ directory (works both for PeaZip installable and portable)
unace portableStandalone ZIP for Windows (all)

unace linuxStandalone for Linux TAR.GZ

Additional Formats Plugin 2

PeaZip Additional Formats Plugin 2 is needed to handle additional formats supported by PeaZip: LPAQ1, LPAQ5, PAQ8F, PAQ8JD, PAQ8L, QUAD and BALZ (browsing and extraction).
Note for Linux users: contains 32 bit x86 executable software, so on Linux 64 bit systems it requires ia32-libs

For PeaZip installable
Automatically installs the plugin; can be installed/unistalled separately from PeaZip
unaceInstaller for Windows (all)

extract ace filesInstaller for Windows 64 bit
open ace files
For any PeaZip version
To be extracted by hand in peazip/res/ path, so that binaries in the package goes in peazip/res/... subdirectory (works both for PeaZip installable and portable)
unace portableStandalone ZIP for Windows (all)

unace linuxStandalone for Linux TAR.GZ


PeaZip themes customizes program's GUI colours and icons, themes can be applied from Option > Theme selecting "Custom" in the Theme dropdown menu and selecting a custom theme package i.e. xyz.theme.7z.

Default theme. Meant to integrate the application in an environment with Windows-like look and feel and icons.

Download Theme

seven theme

Integrate the application to an enviroment with icons similar in look and feel to Crystal, Crystal Clear, and Tango Icons themes. Recommended on most Linux systems.

Download Theme

firecrystal theme

PeaZip Theme packages can be created (or saved for back-up) using PeaZip, from Options > Theme > Create Theme from current settings, a theme package xyz.theme.7z will be created on the desktop; it is a standard 7z archive.
Please note that system icons (i.e. on system's context menu, and for associated file types) are not affected by themes. On Microsoft Windows systems, system's icons are stored in \PeaZip\res\icons\ path and can be edited with a suitable editor or replaced with custom icon files; on Linux system's icons (in PNG format) are stored accordingly the distribution and the desktop environment policies, i.e. \opt\kde3\share\icons\ or \usr\share\icons\

Customizing themes
To further customize themes, or to remove unwanted themes, “Manage Themes” opens the path containing themes, that is in user’s application data for installable versions or inside PeaZip’s folder for portable versions.
Theme’s graphic can be edited with any graphic files editor, and theme.txt can be edited as UTF-8 text; when finished editing the resources the theme can be given a name and saved as package.
It is recommended to not delete or modify the default theme, saved in \PeaZip\res\themes\

Distributing themes
Themes can be freely distributed as independent packages, as long copyright/copyleft licenses for the graphic elements used in the theme is respected.
If you are interested in contributing a theme for being distributed with PeaZip please contact me at the mail address on Support page.
The file note.readme (plain text) is inherited from the original theme, please edit it with relevant information and credits about the new theme if you plan to publicly release it.
Custom, user-provided icons, themes, graphic and other resources can be found on PeaZip's Resources folder on SourceForge.

Related projects

PeaExtractor (LGPLv3)
Project page of PeaExtractor, free unrar/unzip utility, a simple wizard based archive extractor meant to keep the decompression process as simple and streamlined as possible for novice users without prior knwoledge about working on compressed files.

MyGodmode (LGPLv3)
Project page of MyGodMode, Microsoft Windows system tweaking utility, enable God Mode folder (aka "All tasks" or "Master Control Panel") displaying all system management tools in a single place. Installable and portable, for Vista and more recent systems.

getclassname-ondrop (LGPLv3)
This little utility is meant to help developers to get the class name of an object and all of its parents: drag the cursor from the application's StringGrid to the target object in any third parts application to get the full class "path" of the object. The package contains compiled MS Windows binary and sources (Lazarus/FPC).


Media packages
Various icons, logo, images, wallpapers are available in PeaZip resources directory.

Custom SFX modules
SFX modules are used by 7z and FreeArc backends to create self extracting archives.
To use third parts SFX modules extract and copy the modules into "\res\7z" or "\res\arc" folder (depending if the target of the module is 7z or FreeArc) in PeaZip's path and rename them as existing SFX modules, ie. for 7z use 7z.sfx (conventionally, sfx module with GUI) or 7zCon.sfx (conventionally, sfx module with console interface).
Before that you may want to preserve a copy of original PeaZip's sfx modules copying them into another directory of your choice.

7-Zip SFX modules
Those freeware modules are the very same used by 7-Zip/p7zip
Extra SFX modules from 7-Zipsfx Igor Pavlov
Compressed SFX modulessfx Yuri Grille - official SFX modules with icon replaced and compressed to only 47 KB each, to reduce the overhead size introduced in archives for the self extraction feature.
Custom SFX modulessfx Oleg N. Scherbakov - SFX modules accepting advanced options form a customization script

PeaZip plugin for PeBuilder
PeBuilderwindows pe helps in creating preinstalled BartPE, live, bootable Microsoft Windows environments on CD/DVD.
Extract the .zip package to the plugin folder in PeBuilder, and copy PeaZip sofware files from "Program Files\Peazip\" to the folder named "\PeaZip_files_here" in the plugin folder.
Download PeaZip plugin for PeBuilderwindows pe by Yuri Grille

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