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PeaZip for Linux x86-64 6.4.1
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Free Software to replace WinRar WinZip on Linux 64 bit

Extract 7Z ACE CAB ISO RAR TAR ZIP format and more...

Encrypt, secure delete, hash, and split files

License: LGPL3, free of charge for any use

Supported systems: any GNU/Linux x86-64, ia-32 libs required for some binaries
compression utility for linuxPortable x86-64 GTK2
does not require installation, simply de-compress and start the application clicking on peazip binary
natively compiled for x86-64
, ia-32 libs required only for some additional backend binaries

free software to replace winrarDEB (all) GTK2

compiled for i386, no architecture check, ia-32 libs required
file compression utilityDEB (all) Qt
compiled for i386, no architecture check, ia-32 libs required
linux rar software
open rar files on linux


PeaZip is an Open Source (LGPLv3) cross platform archiver and file compression software, manage extraction of over 180 archive types including mainstream formats like .7z, .arc, .bz2, ace, .cab, .gz, .iso, .rar, .tar, .wim, .zip, .zipx.
Free Software tool allowing to replace WinRar, WinZip and similar utilities on GNU/Linux systems, provides high compression (7Z, ARC, *PAQ), supports encryption / decryption of several encrypted archive types, provide secure delete function (permanent, non recoverable data erasure), compute file hash and checksum to find duplicate content and verify data integrity, split and join files.

PeaZip Portable x86-64 is a native build for Linux x86 64 bit and does not require ia-32 libraries to be installed in order to work, but please note some 32 bit-only backend binaries may still require ia-32 libs - once 64 bit executables are available, they can be freely replaced in PeaZip's directory due its modular software nature.

The "(all)" packages are x86 32 bit build (that consequently requires ia-32 libraries to run on 64 bit systems) with architecture check de-activated to allow installation on 64 bit operating systems.
Some package managers may complain of the architecture check being de-activated in binary packages (i.e.
Ubuntu Software Center will prompt "This package is of bad quality") because this mechanism is usually employed to pack non-binary content such as documentation and media rather than applications; this will also raise similar warning in Lintian, informing that architecture-independent package contains binary.
You can try alternative package managers like dpkg, apt-get, aptitude, and synaptic.

Similarly, packages (GTK2 and Qt DEB, RPM, TGZ) found on the main GNU/Linux download page can be installed on x86-64 systems if ia-32 libs are present and architecture check is disabled when installing. Please refer to GNU/Linux main page for packages dependencies and other detailed information.

FreeDesktop_integration directory in PeaZip directory provides sample scripts to customize integration of installable version, and for system integration (file associations, compression/archiving and extraction context menu entries, program's icons) of Portable version so it can fully replace the installable package.

To install PeaZip on Gentoo Linux and integrate it with KDE4 service menu, you can follow those easy instructionsreplace winrar 64 bit linux.

If installable versions of PeaZip file compression utility does not work on the target machine due dependencies or other incompatibility issues with package management system, please consider as alternative to replace it with the Portable version.
Portable packages (TAR.GZ format) can be simply extracted and launched starting peazip executable - starting "peazip" binary in console provides more feedback in case of problems running the application.

An utter alternative (which can also be used for 7-Zip) can be running one of PeaZip for Windows packages through Wine - as for other Windows file compression utilities like Winrar or WinZip, but with the advantage of replacing proprietary software with Free Software.

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