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PeaZip for Linux 5.9.1

Linux file archiver and data compressor software

open source rar archiver

Extract 7Z BZip GZip RAR TAR ZIP files on GNU/Linux, unrar

Open Source file archiver and data compression tool

Supported systems: any GNU/Linux i386, and x86-64 with ia-32 libs
DEB packages are for: Debian, Ubuntu/Kubuntu, Knoppix, ...
RPM packages are for: Fedora, Mandriva, SUSE, Red Hat, ArkLinux, ...
TGZ packages are for Slackware based distibutions.

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file archiving utility

linux unrar tool
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Extract RAR and 150+ archive formats

open source data compressor
PeaZip handles most common archive types (7Z, RAR, TAR, ZIP, ZIPX), installers (DEB, RPM) disk images (DMG, ISO, UDF), cutting edge experimental formats like PAQ family (Hutter prize winner) and new FreeArc's ARC (strong encryption, very efficient data compressor).

Free Software file archiver for GNU/Linux

extract rar files on linux
Like Arkarchiving tool and FileRollerarchive manager archivers, PeaZip is a frontend for Open Source components from 7-Zip and other great projects (FreeARC, PAQ, UPX...), providing an unified GUI compressor tool, natively portable, cross-platform, independent from widget set / window manager.

Cross platform data compressor

linux file compression software
PeaZip provides the same wide array of data archiving, compression and file management features, and same intuitive user interface on Microsoft Windows and on various flavours of Linux and BSD, supporting Gnome, KDE, XFCE, and other desktop managers.

linux RAR file archiver

open source file compressor for linux

extract rar files on linux


GTK2 version may require to install some components of gtk/gdk libraries, as i.e. libgdk_pixbuf, see full list of dependencies for installing GTK2 packages.

version requires Qt 4.3.4 or more recent, and needs and libqt4pas5 installed; it is recommended you install most up to date missing libraries using distribution-specific methods, i.e. apt-get install libqt4pas5:i386. See full list of dependencies for installing Qt packages.

To reduce the dependencies the installers has to satisfy to successfully run on the host system, all backend binaries (except p7zip) were moved to Optional Formats plugin external package (see its dependencies list), which is needed for Linux installable versions to handle arc, lpaq, paq, zpaq, quad, and upx. To install this package, simply extract its content to PeaZip's res/ directory.
This package is optional and it is meant only for Linux installable versions, Portable versions already comes with all the backend binaries.

If one of generic GTK2 or Qt installers provided on this page does not work on the target machine, please consider about using a Portable version (no chance of issue with package management system preventing the installation of the entire package due to missing dependencies for some backend binaries), or to search your distribution's software repository for distribution / version specific packages (either built compiling from sources with most appropriate options, or simply re-packing the application with latest package manager supported for the system), that are generally recommended for better user experience on GNU/Linux systems.

FreeDesktop_integration folder in PeaZip's directory contains script examples for integrating Portable versions in the host system, or to enhance / customize integration of installable packages.

Here you can find some external software repositories, some providing custom compile / build / packaging of PeaZip free archiver utility for GNU/Linux:

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